Beachy Waves and Healthy Tresses

Spring and Summer 2022 will be the seasons of that effortless beachy wave look. You know, like you just got out of the ocean and your hair air-dried with that naturally wavy look?


Well if,  A. you don’t have an ocean or B. your hair doesn’t naturally look like that, it’s okay! We’ve got tips to get the look!


All you need is a flat iron or 1-inch curling iron, your favorite mousse or texture spray, and T180 PROFESSIONAL™ Protective Serum and Hydrating Mask.



1. Prep your hair – First, add T180 PROFESSIONAL™ Protective Serum sparingly to your strands to protect against the heat from the flat iron or curling wand to add extra shine. Next, add your favorite mousse or texture spray to really make sure those beachy waves will hold!


2. Split your hair into sections – for finer hair split into 3 sections, thicker hair split into 4 sections


3. Get those waves! – Using your curling iron or flat iron, curl sections of hair. To get that beachy look make sure to NOT start at your scalp, but rather farther down. Twist the hair around the iron, leaving an inch or two out at the bottom of the stands. As you curl each piece, alternate directions you are twisting.



4. Let hair cool – After a few minutes of letting hair cool, lightly run a brush or your fingers through the hair to separate the strands and tousle if you’d like. Optional: add your favorite hair spray for extra hold.


Enjoy your effortlessly beachy chic look!


Here is one important step you shouldn’t miss! After adding product and heat to the hair, when it’s time to wash make sure to use T180 PROFESSIONAL™ Hydrating Mask to add back moisture and vitamins so your hair will stay healthy and lush after every style.



So there it is, it’s really that easy. You can get that beautiful effortless look and still maintain healthy hair with the help of T180 Hair Care Therapy™.


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