Everything You Must Know About Hair Serum

It’s no secret that you love your hair. You have spent your whole life caring for it, nurturing it to plentiful growth. However, many factors tend to stress out your strands, and in order to provide them with some semblance of calm, sometimes you need a helping hand to get the job done. A gentle, cleansing shampoo and a hydrating conditioner are a great base for your healthy hair journey, but it’s important to seal all the benefits of these products in while adding a boost of protection and radiance.



Using a hair serum is an essential step in your hair care routine, and it may just be the saving grace your mane needs after years of intense management and heat application. Plenty of treatments out there will claim they have the ability to breathe life back into your locks, but when you take a look at the ingredients, they are nothing but a laundry list full of man-made chemicals and preservatives that end up doing more harm than good. Your body will be more prone to rejecting inorganic compounds, leading to scalp irritation and stunted hair growth. What you really need is an all-natural solution to your dryness and damage concerns, and T180 PROFESSIONAL™ has cultivated the holy grail of all serums to replenish and revive your hair with every pump.


A vegan and cruelty-free formula, our Protective Hair Serum adds a layer of defense against free radicals, heat damage, dullness, and split ends. A combination of botanical oils and fruit extracts promotes shine and luster without leaving unsightly residue behind. Silicone-free, this hair serum will not lead to the irritating product build-up that can give you dandruff and flakes. Instead, this serum manages frizz and flyaways with the help of Mauritia Flexuosa Fruit (Buriti) Oil, Pentaclethra Macroloba Seed (Pracaxi) Oil, and Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, reducing the impact of humidity while assisting your hair in moisture retention.



Buriti Oil, which poses as the star of this hair serum, is derived from the Amazonian palm tree which is regarded as the “tree of life”. This oil has been the secret weapon for Central Brazil natives when it comes to growing and maintaining long, gorgeous hair. Buriti defends your strands against pollutants and free radicals, adding an incomparable glossiness to each strand while actively repairing split ends and sealing broken hair bonds.


Why Hair Serum is a Must


At the end of the day, your hair will be pretty vocal about telling you what it wants and needs. If you’re the type of person that feels your hair is just untameable, or you can’t seem to recover from your days of pin-straight hair at all costs, a protective serum will make a huge difference not only in the appearance of your hair but in the actual health of it too. Your favorite moisturizing cream may do a fantastic job at giving you the boost of hydration you’ve been craving, but your efforts may just be going to waste if you don’t have a means of preserving that hydration throughout the day. A hair serum is not meant to sink into your hair shaft – its real purpose is to coat each follicle and ensure that no moisture will escape. This is essential for hair

types that suffer from excessive dryness, such as types 3 and 4. Curly and coily strands typically have a harder time allowing oil from your scalp to travel adequately from root to tip. Therefore, they require a little more attention and deserve a coat of armor against aggressors that threaten to leech that moisture from your hair.


We use a variety of natural ingredients in our Protective Hair Serum to address every concern you may have for your hair. Botanical oils such as Helianthus Annuus Seed (Sunflower Seed) oil are classified as an emollient, which means it has smoothing and softening properties. This combined with the restorative power of Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) infuses your hair with beneficial antioxidants, allowing you to keep up your love affair with your flat iron without the risks of damage and despair.



How To Use Hair Serum


The best part about our Protective Hair Serum is that there isn’t just one way to use it. Traditionally, serums are used on clean hair, right before you apply any heat. This prevents the removal of any necessary moisture while giving your hair a dose of sheer brilliance. Applying just a few pumps to your freshly shampooed hair right before going in with your blow dryer will lead to touchable softness and a salon-quality blowout.


When applying your hair serum, it is best to focus on the ends of your hair, as you want to avoid any potential product build-up toward the root. The tops of your follicles are able to be saturated with your natural oils much more easily than your ends, so they do not require as much attention.


If you’re looking for a potent, in-shower protective boost, our serum also works quite well as a pre-wash treatment. After prepping your hair with warm water to open the follicles, apply our lush hair serum to shield your hair from the harsh, stripping qualities that many shampoos tend to have.



Hair Care is Hair Therapy


At T180 PROFESSIONAL™ we are committed to developing quality products that eliminate harmful toxins and use only clean and natural ingredients that unlock your hair’s full potential. Sometimes, we tend to put our hair on the back burner when it comes to prioritizing the maintenance of our bodies. Our mission is to not simply provide you with just another product to add to your arsenal of hair care tools. We want to gift you with a long-term solution for your hair health concerns, which is exactly why we recognize our products and treatments as Hair Care Therapy. With consistent use, you’ll find our line of professional-grade hair serum, masks, shampoo, and conditioner are the answers to your hair care prayers.


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