How to Easily and Effectively Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair – there’s no wrong way to do it, right? Shampoo, conditioner, rinse, done?


Not quite!


If you’re looking for that salon-quality cleansing experience, there is actually a specific way to wash your locks! Keep reading for more info and best technique tips!


1. Not too hot! – Use lukewarm water

While standing in a steaming hot shower can feel relaxing, the truth is it’s less than ideal for your hair. Too hot of water can dry out your strands, leaving them dull and brittle, and if you dye your hair, it can cause your color to fade quickly, resulting in more frequent trips to the salon. Using lukewarm water opens the cuticle just enough to get out dirt and debris.


2. Shampoo twice

This isn’t a step you need to take every time you shower but shampoo your hair twice to get a good cleansing scrub. The first shampoo reaches the initial dirt and buildup in your hair, while the second shampoo penetrates further, resulting in a deeper clean. And make sure you are lathering correctly as well! The key here is suds – you want lots of them. Next, massage your scalp thoroughly, focusing on making sure every area lathers well. T180 PROFESSIONALVitalizing Shampoo is an excellent option as you can effectively use it during your double shampoo routine.


3. Condition the strands

When adding your T180 PROFESSIONAL Vitalizing Conditioner, make sure to focus it on the midline down to your strands. By avoiding your scalp, you can prolong your next hair washing time (which is detailed in step #5!)


4. Rinse Well

The final key step is to make sure you are rinsing all the suds from your hair. Don’t only let the water fall onto your scalp, but also make sure you are rinsing evenly throughout your hair – ends and all. Rinse, rinse, rinse! Adding a final cold water rinse will seal the cuticles closed, resulting in shiny, luscious locks.


5. Don’t over wash

Finally, don’t over-wash your hair. While everyone is different and produces oils at a different rate, you should try to avoid washing your hair every day as this can dry out your hair quicker. If you follow these steps and shampoo and condition accordingly, you’ll be able to extend your hair washing routine by a few days.


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