How To Stop Hair Damage This Summer

Summer is the epitome of warm days spent in the water and breezy nights spent under the stars for dinner. She is a notorious favorite for sunshine enthusiasts and also notoriously hard on our hair. 


The not-so-pretty outcome of enjoying fun in the sun: your hair that was shiny and easily managed looks and feels fried. UV rays, humidity, salt, sweat, and chlorine (i.e., all the fun things about summer!) can have harmful effects on your precious locks, often leaving your mane looking dull, brassy, frizzy, and brittle. However, Summer doesn’t have to be the season of bad hair days! With some extra TLC and stacking your haircare routine with “must-have” products and regimens, your hair can look great on the steamiest days.





Protect Your Hair from The Sun

Just like your skin needs sun protection, your hair does too! So make it a daily habit to apply a hair care product containing UV filters (spray, gel, cream, etc.) that protect the hair from sun damage and help keep colored hair from fading. If you spend lots of time outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat or hair scarf. These easy-to-implement tips will ensure that you can enjoy your fun in the sun without your hair feeling the stress of UV rays.



Tone-Down the Hot Styling Tools

This may be the simplest tip to protect our summer hair because it doesn’t involve purchasing something new or doing something specific! Skipping the blow-dried, curled, or straightened hair is excellent for hair health, especially during the summer when your hair gets drier from the heat and sun.

If you’re still looking for those beachy curls, though, you can choose from many “sleep-in” styling methods to give a polished yet very natural, beachy look. For example, you could wash your hair at night and sleep with it in a bun, braid, or ponytail. It’s the perfect look for work, weekends, parties, anything!


Shampoo Less, Condition More

The heat and sweat from summertime fun make our hair more oily than usual, possibly requiring more frequent washing than the other seasons. However, it is still advised to leave some time between your washing days because each wash strips the hair from oils. 

Condition! Given that our hair gets dry and brittle for various reasons during summer, we have to give it that extra boost!




Thoroughly Wash Out Saltwater & Chlorine 

The beach and pool are two of summer’s best highlights, but we must remove what remains in our hair after swimming and cooling off. Saltwater and chlorine can damage our hair tremendously since they take out the oil from the hair, making it very dry and frizzy. 


Time For a Trim

Having your hair trimmed regularly will help prevent split ends. Starting off the summer means you’ll get rid of split ends and refresh your style!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Water is everything!

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