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OMG, the T180 Professional mask feels like a dream! Love these products!”

Megan C. - Albany, NY

Love the hair mask; it does wonders for my hair and really feels moisturized. The Vitalizing Plus Shampoo with an added detangling element is amazing for thick, coarse, and porous hair. And whenever I need a quick pick me up, the hair serum comes in handy to give my hair a nice shine!”

Antoine H. - Altamonte Springs, FL

Terri E.

I have been using the T180 Professional products for almost a year. I absolutely love all of the products. I can’t believe how healthy my hair looks. The scent is so refreshing. I had a hair appointment a few weeks ago, and my stylist commented on how my hair looks and feels. She was amazed by this product. T180 is a game changer”

Terri E. - Johnstown, NY

I want to start by saying how well-made T180 Professional hair treatment is. Also, I want to say how detailed oriented they are when it comes to their hair products. I love the shampoo, the fragrance, the mask, and conditioner, its consistency is so smooth but dense at the same time. After more than a month using the oil, mask, and shampoo and conditioner, my hair is so much more nourished than what I was using before. I love all the T180 products!”

Fabiana R. - Orlando, FL


My boyfriend and I are currently using T180 Professional shampoo and conditioner and love the results!  We are both over 50 and deal with dry hair from age and lifestyle…such as those Beach days!  I have been dying my hair for over 30 years and suffer from dry damaged hair.  Since using these products my hair is soft, moisturized, and fuller.  The Protective Serum makes my hair shiny and smooth.  These hair products make such a difference in the health of our hair. Love My T180!”

Wendy L. - Clearwater, FL


T180 Professional is one of the best products I have ever used while completely doing a complete 180 from what my hair was before I starting to use this product line. I knew it was something special when my barber asked me what product I was using because my hair felt softer and looked shiner and easier to cut!! Plus, I have noticed my hair is growing a little faster. Love T180!”

Ralph C.- Altamonte Springs, FL

Jennifer K

I am thoroughly impressed by the Protective Serum! It is lightweight, reparative and tames my pesky flyaways. I love that this product is a heat protectant too! After one use, my hair was silky smooth and easy to style.”

Jennifer K. - San Antonio, Texas

Michelle C

Since I started using the T180 PROFESSIONAL product line, I have loved the Vitalizing Conditioner. It makes my hair silkier and softer. The Hydrating Mask is miraculous!”

Michelle C. - Santarem, Portugal

Madeline W.

I love this product. It keeps my hair cleaner and longer. I don’t have the greasy feeling I get with other shampoos, and it feels lighter. T180 makes my hair straight and soft without weighing it down!”

Madeliene W. - St. Johnsville, NY

Cole E

Love how there are all-natural ingredients in the T180 Hair Care Therapy™ products, and it makes my hair feel healthy and soft. The hair mask works great too. After I wash my hair, I’ll add the hair serum to add some volume and style it. Big fan of these products!”

Cole E. - St. Winter Park, FL

Lisa J

For 4 weeks I used T180; washed my hair every 4th day, not needing to wash it more often. My hair was softer, more manageable, frizz free, and smelled amazing. Hospital RN tested: had my colleagues touch and smell my hair for my own research. Love, Love, Love, these products!”

Lisa J. - Syracuse, NY

Claire O.

My hair is very thick and long, plus I do not color or use any salon treatments – so it can sometimes look coarse or frizzy. After consistently using T180 Professional, my hair is visibly shinier, smoother, and easier to style. My favorite product is the protective serum; you only need a few drops of the oil to make a huge difference. I love it and highly recommend!”

Claire O. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Brandon H.

I will always try something at least once so I decided to get a bottle. I was completely wrong about my assumption. This could be the best product ever for your hair!! My hair has never been so soft and thick!!! I totally recommend T180 to EVERYONE!”

Brandon H. - St. Johnsville, NY

Brenda P.

Loving the T180 hydration mask 1x a week, shampoo, and conditioner! I think it is making a real difference in the health and shine of my hair. Thank you again T180 Professional. Love your products!!!”

Brenda P. - Camden, NY

Tom M.

T180 Professional is amazing! I love the clean scent and the shampoo lathers and cleans my hair so well. My hair feels incredibly silky and has so much shine after using the products. I even tried the mask on my beard not knowing what to expect, and man does that work! My beard is super soft now and my wife was kind of shocked just how soft it was. Thanks T180, great job!”

Tom M. - Apopka, FL


I love this product! Oh my gosh, I’ve been using the T180 Professional products for over a year now including their shampoo & conditioner, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this MASK!”

Chris P. - Upstate, NY


I love T180 Professional products! Friss is gone. I’ve been using T180 for almost a year and it’s amazing. I especially love the Protective Serum and the Mask. Thanks T180!!!”

Julie I. - Dolgeville, NY


I really am a fan of these products, and it is great for my hair type, relaxed processed hair. The best
highlight is truly the scent of these products; I’m obsessed with the smell. Love T180!”

Briena H. - Winter Park, FL


I love T180 Professional! I noticed a big difference in my hair, especially after using the Hydrating Mask.
Using the T180 products plus the curling cream that I use daily, has given me the results I’ve been looking for. Amazing. Thanks, T180!”

Felix S. - Mount Dora, FL


I love how my hair feels after using T180 Products. My hair has never felt so healthy and with so much
shine. Love T180!”

Sandy T. - Marcy, NY


I love T180! The smell is wonderful. It leaves my hair so soft with the most amazing shine. My new goto. Thanks T180!”

Tracey G. - Oneida, NY


After dealing with frizz all the time, lack of volume, and a lot of split ends, I decided to invest in better care products and switched over to using only “T180 Professional products,” and I’m obsessed with my hair now! It always looks like I just left the salon. 100% sold on this brand.”

Andrea M. - Miami, FL


Thank you, T180! I use the shampoo and conditioner with every shower. I really love the smell and how soft it has made my hair feel. Aside from the products, the little details are amazing”

Madelyn S. - Sylvan Beach, NY


This hair mask is the bomb! I have over-colored my hair, and one treatment with this mask made my hair feel silky, healthy, and beautiful! Thanks, T180!”

Elizabeth B. - St. Cloud, FL


Can I tell you I love this stuff? I’ve got dry & curly hair. I use it daily and love it. It doesn’t weigh my hair down. So light and works perfectly. It’s a Game Changer!”

Lisa H. - St. Johnsville, NY


I’ve been searching for a product that would help me just get a brush through it; then a good friend turned me on to T180. I’m telling you, their shampoo and conditioner is freaking amazing; it’s restored some serious life back into this mop!! I didn’t think I would have healthy hair again :( I am in love; you will be too!.”

Lisa C. - Tampa, FL


I’Ve been using T-180 for a while now. I adore the lovely, subtle fragrance and the way the shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel. The mask is amazing and really changes the course texture of my hair. Add the serum and the frizz is under control. But the very BEST was when I went to my hair stylist, and he asked what I’d been using. He noticed the difference without me saying a word AND he said I had no split ends! Amazing!”

Karen P. - Voorheesville, NY


Love Love Love. T180 products are amazing! I was very skeptical at first because I love when my shampoo bubbles up and lathers and this does not do that but it does wonders. My favorite is the deep conditioner I use it weekly sometimes more than once a week. I have super long thick curly hair that I
also straighten which the oil helps with keeping my hair protected”.

Krystal E. - Apopka, FL


Great hair product. T180 products are wonderful! I have very thick hair w natural gray coming through.
The shampoo, conditioner and mask make my hair feel literally squeaky clean while washing and when dry. The products also keep my natural hair color looking fresh and not dull. Thanks again T180 Hair Care  Therapy for a great product!”

Ruthie R. - Altamonte Springs, FL


“The T180 products have been a game-changer for me! I have color-treated blonde hair, so the right products are key to maintaining healthy-looking hair.  Even after using just the shampoo and
conditioner, I always get compliments on how full and healthy my hair looks.  I use the mask after my color treatments, and my hair feels incredible every time!”

Lauren C. - Tampa, FL


This is my experience with T180 hair care therapy. Before it, my hair was dry and brittle and had no shine. After I used T180, my hair has shine and is soft and hydrated; I recommend 100% this product.”

Amanda C. - Orlando, FL