Love Is in the Air

"This is my experience with T180 hair care therapy. Before it, my hair was dry and brittle and had no shine. After I used T180, my hair has shine and is soft and hydrated; I recommend 100% this product."
Amanda C.
Orlando, FL
"Can I tell you I love this stuff? I've got dry & curly hair. I use it daily and love it. It doesn't weigh my hair down. So light and works perfectly. It’s a Game Changer!”
Lisa H.
St. Johnsville, NY
"Thank you, T180! I use the shampoo and conditioner with every shower. I really love the smell and how soft it has made my hair feel. Aside from the products, the little details are amazing!"
Madelyn S.
Sylvan Beach, NY
"After dealing with frizz all the time, lack of volume, and a lot of split ends, I decided to invest in better care products and switched over to using only “T180 Professional products,” and I’m obsessed with my hair now! It always looks like I just left the salon. 100% sold on this brand."
Andrea M.
Miami, FL
"I love T180! The smell is wonderful. It leaves my hair so soft with the most amazing shine. My new go to. Thanks T180!"
Tracey G.
Oneida, NY
"I thoroughly enjoyed all products I have tried from T180. Beginning w/ the scent of everything, it is very easy to see that these products are clean and natural just from the fresh and natural smell, which I’m obsessed with. The protective serum was great at controlling my frizz even on a humid rainy night to dinner. My curls stayed defined and sleek throughout the night. It also is great for when you’re keeping your hair up for the week and need something to keep it soft and moist, it made my hair so silky and tangle free so that I could keep it up and protected.  Besides the oil, my fav product was the vitalizing conditioner, the consistency of it is so smooth and silky, that a little goes a long way even if you have thick hair like mine. The shampoo really gave me a deep clean and the conditioner is great at being able to restore all the moisture right back into my hair after the deep cleanse from the shampoo. Overall, I really am a fan of these products, and it is great for my hair type, relaxed processed hair. The best highlight is truly the scent of these products, letting you know just how clean and safe they are for all hair types. Love T180!"
Briena H.
Winter Park, FL
"I have been using the T180 Professional products for almost a year. I absolutely love all of the products.  I can't believe how healthy my hair looks.   The scent is so refreshing.   I had a hair appointment a few weeks ago, and my stylist commented on how my hair looks and feels.   She was amazed by this product.   T180 is a game changer"
Terri E.
Johnstown, NY
"I have very thick and typically hard to manage hair. Before falling in love with T180 Professional, I was literally pulling my own hair out just trying to get a brush through it! Growing up in a family of hair stylists, I have tried every professional shampoo and conditioner out there.  I still can't believe how much I was able to simplify my hair routine since using T180's Vitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner.  My previous routine involved at least 4x different types of  conditioners...all with 4x the price tag: I am so excited to have finally found a line that checks all the boxes! Healthier hair, healthier planet...and a healthier wallet! These products are definitely worth making a change for!"
Lisa C.
Tampa, FL
"My boyfriend and I are currently using T180 Professional shampoo and conditioner and love the results!  We are both over 50 and deal with dry hair from age and lifestyle...such as those Beach days!  I have been dying my hair for over 30 years and suffer from dry damaged hair.  Since using these products my hair is soft, moisturized, and fuller.  The Protective Serum makes my hair shiny and smooth.  These hair products make such a difference in the health of our hair. Love My T180!"
Wendy L.
Clearwater, FL
"I am thoroughly impressed by the Protective Serum! It is lightweight, reparative and tames my pesky flyaways. I love that this product is a heat protectant too! After one use, my hair was silky smooth and easy to style.
This hair serum is a MUST HAVE for any hair regimen!"
Jennifer K.
San Antonio, Texas
"A little of the T180 Professional Serum goes a long way to leave your hair feeling very silky. Even after sleeping, my ends are still smooth. The shampoo leaves my hair and scalp squeaky clean without during it out and the conditioner leaves my hair soft with a lot of bounce which is very important to me. My hair is long and I always want to have movement"
Alex F.
Allen, TX
"I was thrilled to try these new products! The shampoo worked exactly as explained to me. Do not expect a big lather, if you want that, go for another application. I didn’t always think this was necessary and one application did the trick. My hair felt weightless and clean of residue. I had much more body than usual! The mask and conditioner left my hair with shine and didn’t feel weighed down at all. These products work so well together! After using the shampoo, my hair seemed fully prepped to absorb the conditioner and mask. The serum was also great! Just a drop was all I needed.
My hair had so much shine and was the perfect finish to the routine.
Absolutely love these products and no longer feel the dull-dry look that I had prior to using!"
Michele F.
Tampa, FL
"I was given T180 professional to try. The conditioner is so thick and fluffy, it feels like it’s going to last me the entire year! I’ve never used a hair mask before so that was a nice treat. Thank you so much T180!"
Shawna V.
Lakeland, FL
"I have used T180 Keratin Treatment since I learned the product, and the results I got in my hair were sensational. As I don't wear my hair completely straight, I prefer to use the product, and the blower and brush to shape it. However, in more than 12 months of use, what I can say; this product is excellent!"
Ana Paula B.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
"Loving the T180 hydration mask 1x a week and shampoo and conditioner! I think it is making a real difference in the health and shine of my hair.
Thank you again T180 Professional. Love your products!"
Brenda P.
Camden, NY
"Love the smell of T180. The Vitalizing Shampoo cleans my hair extremely well, and the conditioner is amazing. Another favorite is T180 Protective Serum. It’s so lightweight, but I’ve got to say, a little goes a long way! My hair feels wonderful: it's softer, cleaner, more manageable, and I love the shine it gives the hair. Thanks, T180 Professional, love the products!"
Karen D.
Lakeland, FL
"I want to begin by saying it's not just the products but also the creator of them that is moving me to write this review.
The person I met at my place of employment, and through conversation, we got to talking about our mothers and eventually how mine hadn't found a shampoo or conditioner she liked in 55 years.
It seems like a funny thing, but my mother hasn't been well on top of trying endless amounts of products can be extremely frustrating. He told me he had something for me and brought the samples back a week later.
Not only did it put the biggest smile on my mother's face, but T180 made our hair look and feel 100 times healthier (and in my case, fuller), and it endeared us to the company and to T180 Professional for life.
I can not stress enough the value or recommend these products in just one paragraph, find out for yourself!"
Scott K.
Mount Dora, FL
"I cannot praise these products enough! I’ve been using these products for a month now, and couldn’t be happier with the results. My hair is healthy, soft, and shiny! I feel really good about using products that are Vegan and without Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, and Silicone. Also, the shampoo and conditioner smell AMAZING!"
Aryka N.
Longwood, FL
"T180 Professional is amazing! I love the clean scent and the shampoo lathers and cleans my hair so well. My hair feels incredibly silky and has so much shine after using the products. I even tried the mask on my beard not knowing what to expect, and man does that work! My beard is super soft now and my wife was kind of shocked just how soft it was. Thanks T180, great job!"
Tom M.
Apopka, FL
"Love Love Love these products”
For 4 weeks I used T180; washed my hair every 4th day, not needing to wash it more often. My hair was softer, more manageable, frizz free, and smelled amazing. Hospital RN tested: had my colleagues touch and smell my hair for my own research!
The shampoo is not as thick as the shampoo I usually use, so I over lathered first time using the shampoo. Don’t make that “rookie” mistake. All you need is a quarter size amount of shampoo to wash shoulder length thick hair (mine); same amount needed for the conditioner. I also followed the direction for the hydrating mask- deep treatment- keeping it on my hair for 15-20 minutes. After 4 weeks my hair still feels hydrated, soft, and manageable. I use the Protective serum before using the flat iron or curling iron. The serum is light and provides an incredible shine and controls those little fly away hairs curly hair produces on the top of your head (think-controlled chia pet look).
This serum does not make your hair look dirty like some other serums- and definitely your hands aren’t all greasy/sticky. Absolutely love T180!!!"
Lisa J.
Syracuse, NY
"I never had a Keratin treatment before, but this was an exceptional experience. The light scent was a pleasant surprise, but the results were nothing short of amazing - even for someone that wasn’t looking for the straight smoothing properties this product is known for. My softer curled style benefited from the natural ingredients immediately and the treatment lasted for months. TranscendsBeauty delivers. From the moment you smell the fragrance of the shampoo and conditioner you know something special awaits. Clean, silky, shiny hair that is healthy! All natural ingredients don’t weigh your hair down but brings it to life. The more intense conditioner is luxurious and adds that extra special something we all need to combat the daily stress our hair encounters. Try it and go beyond just beauty."
Doris N.
- Lakeland, FL
"Love how there are all-natural ingredients in the T180 Hair Care Therapy products and it makes my hair feel healthy and soft.
The hair mask works great too.
After I wash my hair, I’ll add the hair serum to add some volume and style it. Big fan of these products.!”
Cole E.
Winter Park, FL
"I used your product T180 Professional Vitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner for the first time in Florida Dec 2021-Jan 2022.   I have insane crazy frizzy, curly hair.  I live in California, and I have more control over my hair as the humidity is low. In Florida, I was suffering from a bad hair day every day until I used your product.  After that, my hair was calm, silky, and manageable.  I also used the hair masque, and I could tell instantly that the product was helping with my breakage problem. I look forward to the hairdressers in California carrying your product, as I need MOORE!!!!"
Lisa A.
El Dorado Hills, CA
"The T180 Professional products have made a noticeable impact on my hair! My hair is very thick and long, plus I do not color or use any salon treatments – so it can sometimes look coarse or frizzy. After consistently using T180 Professional, my hair is visibly shinier, smoother, and easier to style. My favorite product is the protective serum; you only need a few drops of the oil to make a huge difference. I love it and highly recommend it!"
Claire O.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Loved the shampoo, mask and serum. Hair after shampoo felt very clean, I towel dry and applied the mask. I usually take 40 minutes to flat iron my hair but not this time. It took 15 minutes and it looks amazing, what a time saver.
"I am very impressed."
Iris G.
Orlando, FL
"Since I started using the T180 PROFESSIONAL products line, I have loved the Vitalizing Conditioner. It makes my hair silkier and softer. The Hydrating Mask is miraculous. On the first use, I didn't rinse off properly. So, the hair was too oily. The next day I wet my hair again, and it was perfect."
Michelle C.
Santarem, Portugal
"Love the hair mask; it does wonders for my hair and really feels moisturized. The Vitalizing Plus Shampoo with an added detangling element is amazing for thick, coarse, and porous hair. And whenever I need a quick pick me up, the hair serum comes in handy to give my hair a nice shine!"
Antoine H.
Altamonte Springs, FL
"This treatment was totally worth it! Since my childhood years I've struggled to tame my hair. It's very thick and frizzy with an irregular curl pattern. Typically, I take about an hour to wash, blow dry and style my hair with flat iron. And it still looks average. I had the treatment done a few weeks ago at a local salon. After the stylist applied the treatment, she let it sit for about half an hour under heat and moved on to a blow dry with flat iron. There were no fumes which made the experience so much more enjoyable. When I left the salon, my hair was unbelievably straight, shiny, and smelled amazing . My stylist advised me to wait 48 hours before washing, but I left it 72 hours because I wanted to be sure I got the maximum possible effect on the hair cuticle. I was very impressed by the results.. My hair feels incredibly strong with minimal frizz.. My blowouts/styling take about half the time with better results. I feel so much more at ease knowing that I won't have to struggle with my hair for a while and no longer dreading the next wash!"
Frankie R.
Tampa, FL
"I do want to preface by saying that I have very flat and straight hair so any product that can help add some body is always my main concern when it comes to hair care products. The smell of all of the products is very pleasant but not overwhelming. T180 Vitalizing Shampoo: This shampoo seemed to add some moisture and body to my hair. It didn't suds as much as I'm used to, but I'm sure that is because it is sulfate free - usually the better products don't suds as much. Very pleasant to use daily and seemed to clean my hair well without stripping it. T 180 Vitalizing Conditioner: This conditioner was also great to use daily and I noticed that a very small amount is needed to make it more manageable when it came to combing and styling. T180 Professional Protective Serum: I have to say that I was skeptical to use the serum because I thought it would be too oily for my type of hair. But I was wrong - just a very small amount helped to add to the body and made my hair feel softer. T180 Professional Hydrating Mask: This product also was great to add moisture into my hair but didn't weigh it down. Great product. Overall, I was so impressed and think it's quite professional looking and hoping for all the best and for amazing success."
Amy M.
Cicero, NY
“OMG, the T180 Professional mask feels like a dream! Love these products!”
Megan C.
Albany, NY
"This is my experience with T180 hair care therapy. Before it, my hair was dry and brittle and had no shine. After I used T180, my hair has shine and is soft and hydrated; I recommend 100% this product.”
Krystal E.
Apopka, FL
"The T180 products have been a game-changer for me! I have color-treated blonde hair, so the right products are key to maintaining healthy-looking hair.  Even after using just the shampoo and conditioner, I always get compliments on how full and healthy my hair looks.  I use the mask after my color treatments, and my hair feels incredible every time!"
Lauren C.
Tampa, FL
"Great hair product. T180 products are wonderful! I have very thick hair w natural gray coming through. The shampoo, conditioner and mask make my hair feel literally squeaky clean while washing and when dry. The products also keep my natural hair color looking fresh and not dull. Thanks again T180 Hair Care Therapy for a great product!"
Ruthie R.
Altamonte Springs, FL
"This hair mask is the bomb! I have over-colored my hair, and one treatment with this mask made my hair feel silky, healthy, and beautiful! Thanks, T180!”
Elizabeth B.
St. Cloud, FL
"I'Ve been using T-180 for a while now. I adore the lovely, subtle fragrance and the way the shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel. The mask is amazing and really changes the course texture of my hair. Add the serum and the frizz is under control. But the very BEST was when I went to my hair stylist, and he asked what I'd been using. He noticed the difference without me saying a word AND he said I had no split ends! Amazing!”
Karen P.
Voorheesville, NY
"I love how my hair feels after using T180 Products. My hair has never felt so healthy and with so much shine. Love T180!"
Sandy T.
Marcy, NY
"I love T180 Professional! I noticed a big difference in my hair, especially after using the Hydrating Mask. Using the T180 products plus the curling cream that I use daily, has given me the results I’ve been looking for. Amazing. Thanks, T180!"
Felix S.
Mount Dora, FL
"I love T180 Professional products! Friss is gone. I’ve been using T180 for almost a year and it’s amazing. I especially love the Protective Serum and the Mask. Thanks T180!!!"
Julie I.
Dolgeville, NY
"I love this product! Oh my gosh, I’ve been using the T180 Professional products for over a year now including their shampoo & conditioner, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this MASK!"
Chris P.
Upstate, NY
"I want to start by saying how well-made T180 Professional hair treatment is. Also, I want to say how detailed oriented they are when it comes to their hair products. I love the shampoo, the fragrance, the mask, and conditioner, its consistency is so smooth but dense at the same time. After more than a month using the oil, mask, and shampoo and conditioner, my hair is so much more nourished than what I was using before. I love all the T180 products!"
Fabiana R.
Orlando, FL
"As a teenager, I struggle a lot with acne. I have used many different products, and they have not really worked. When I came across T180 Professional shampoo, I expected that it would just be another gimmick for hair. I will always try something at least once so I decided to get a bottle. I was completely wrong about my assumption. This could be the best product for your hair!! My hair has never been so soft and thick!!! I totally recommend the T180 to EVERYONE!"
Brandon H.
St. Johnsville, NY
"These products are amazing. I used all four of them after coloring my hair. First the shampoo, next the hydrating mask and then the conditioner. Right before blow drying my hair, I used a bit of the protective serum. For the first time in my life I did not have to use the flat iron. The end result is shown in the photo, that I took right after."
Kasia F.
"T180 products made a significant difference after the 1st use. I have tried several products recommended, promising results, that have made little or no difference. Not the case with T180.
My hair is shinier, softer, full of body and easy to style after using the shampoo and conditioner. The serum is also a WIN even though I have fine hair. I am loving these products. 5 STARS!!"
Pasadena, CA
"I’ve used all their products and they are AMAZING. This wonderful brand uses no sulfates or parabens which is great for my curly hair. I definitely recommend them."
Jazmyn J.
Orlando, FL
"I'm writing to thank you for developing these amazing products, T180 Hair Care Therapy. The shampoo left my hair squeaky clean. The T180 Vitalizing Conditioner is simply perfect making my hair so soft and styling my hair with the Protective Serum was the perfect finishing touch, and a little goes a long way! I've used the T180 Hydrating Mask twice so far and its well worth the time to sit on your hair and work its magic. I've even used T180 Shampoo on my little dog and she looks beautiful. Thanks again T180!"
Jakie N.
Winter Park, FL
"T180 Professional is one of the best products I have ever used.
While completely doing a 180 from what my hair was before, I started to use this product line.
I knew it was something special when my barber asked me what product I was using because my hair felt softer and looked shiner and easier to cut!! Plus, I have noticed my hair is growing a little faster . I use the shampoo and conditioner every day, the protective serum every morning, and the hydrating mask twice a week. The T180 product line covers everything my hair needs and I am very excited to say I won’t be switching to any other products any time soon."
Ralph C.
Altamonte Springs, FL
"I love this product. It keeps my hair cleaner and longer. I don't have the greasy feeling I get with other shampoos, and it feels lighter. T180 makes my hair straight and soft without weighing it down!"
Madeline W.
St. Johnsville, NY
"I use T180 Keratin Treatment every 4/5 months despite short, wavy hair, just to keep the hair soft and supple. In addition, I use a mini flat iron to close cuticles and promote hair shine."
Angela D.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
"I recently started using T180 Professional products and the results have been highly noticeable to myself and others, AN absolute game changer in my daily routine! I put my hair through the gauntlet at work as well as at home so the combination of NON paraben sulfate free products like Shampoo and Conditioner plus the hydrating mask and serum keeps me looking good and feeling confident ALL Day!"
Robert H.
Orlando, FL
"This product is fantastic! This is the best my hair has ever looked or felt. I started with the T180 Professional Keratin Smoothing Treatment which lasted almost a year. I followed up using the shampoo, conditioner and mask. Since all of these products are all natural my hair is healthier, looks better and takes less time to manage. The serum is another great product for those times when you need to touch up. Great products - love T180 Professional!"
Nicole H.
Jacksonville, FL
"I really enjoy using T180 Professional shampoo and conditioner.
From the beginning, there was a noticeable difference in the texture and quality of my hair. Feels and looks amazing. Thanks, T180!"
Benjamin W.
Lakeland, FL
"The first time I tried the T180 shampoo and conditioner, I really could feel the difference after my first shower. The smell was fresh and natural, and my hair was so smooth! It seemed that it was really cleaned and appropriately treated. After a month of use, including the mask and serum, I can see how my hair is healthier, stronger, and shinier! I’m so happy with the product and highly recommend it!"
Luiza G.
Miami, FL
"It’s always nice to be surprised by the company you work for. Our marketing team was asked to try our new Transcends Beauty Hair Care Product Line from our T180 Professional Brand. After trying the shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt cleaner and shiner than ever before. I tried the mask too. Now it’s my go-to product.
"I love how the products make my hair feel!"
Andreas S.
Winter Park, FL
"I have used the T180 Professional for a little over a month now, and here is what I think. The T180 shampoo distributes nicely as I wash my hair. And my hair feels clean. In addition, the T180 shampoo did not leave my hair feeling heavy or oily. The T180 conditioner also distributes nicely. I like how silky my hair feels after rinsing.The mask was easy to apply and controlled frizz. I could see a noticeable difference in my hair ends. When applied to my hair, the protective serum controlled frizz very well.Overall I felt my hair was very manageable, and  I would undoubtedly buy the T180 Professional again!"
Maria L.
Orlando, FL
"I have been using the T180 Keratin Treatment since 2019, with absolute success! But, unfortunately, I could not treat my hair for more than eight months during the pandemic, and I only did it again in November 2020, with the same success as the previous applications. My hair's health has improved after each application and the last time was in April, more than a year ago."
Priscila M.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
"I started using this T180 shampoo & conditioner on my coarse hair two months ago and started seeing results right away. My hair is so much cleaner and softer to the touch! I have fluffy, shinier hair, and just after my first week of using this product, my hair had so much more volume. I also noticed less breakage. Love the products!”
Rafael R.
Orlando, FL
"I love the way my hair feels and looks after using T180 Professional. I really like the fragrance. After using the shampoo and conditioner, I towel-dried my hair and was able to easily comb through my hair. I loved that.
"These are great products!"
Judy G.
Lake Mary, FL
"T180 Professional Vitalizing Conditioner (Natural and Vegan): This product leaves my hair so silky, and I have had a history of dry hair for so long. I can confidently say that it is a revitalizing product suited for all types of hair. I have already seen some changes with hair shine, and I will surely continue to order more after my trial size is over. T180 Professional Protective Serum: This product gives me the consistency I want in my hair before I go to curl it. There does not go a day where I do not style my hair without this serum, and it has helped protect my ends but most importantly give my dry hair a softer feel. T180 Professional Hydrating Mask (Intensive Hair Hydration): This product is one of my favorites because it has really helped eliminate the frizz I experience on the daily. I am so happy that this product has saved me from having to cut my hair anymore because it also helped my split ends. Very Satisfied! I am a huge believer in all products that are vegan, and I am so happy that I have found a perfect balance between products that are environmentally friendly and blends that work well with my dry to rough hair. I usually do not confide in big chain products because some of their ingredients tend to be damaging to my scalp. I really like that each product gives you specific features and blends used. Now, I will not have to worry about looking up another product and fear there are any hidden ingredients that should not be in there. "
Ninette G.
Winter Park, FL
"I’ve used the T180 Professional Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask. I love the products! Not only do they make my hair “fluffy” and soft, they give my hair density, while giving a revitalizing feel to my tresses. Great job T80!!!"
Jennifer R.
Orlando, FL
"I recently tried your T180 Professional Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask and must say the results were amazing. My hair looked more lively with great bounce and body. This is my new hair care product!! "
Stephanie A.
- Casselberry, FL
"I’ve been using T180 Professional for a couple of months now; my hair has never felt this good. It’s never felt this healthy before! I really like the shampoo and conditioner and I love the scent; it smells so fresh, so clean. My new favorite new shampoo and conditioner. Great job T180 Professional!."
Larry B.
Apopka, FL
"My hair is naturally curly and gray, and because I do not have a Keratin treatment, I did not expect to see a big difference. Since starting with the T180 Professional Product Line including Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, and Serum, I have had so many compliments on my hair, and the only thing I have done differently is use the T180 Professional. I truly appreciate the black label which distinguishes the Vitalizing Conditioner from the Shampoo, which I can see without my reading glasses. Love all the products!"
Celeste T.
Orlando, FL
"I wanted to express how happy I am with T180 Professional hair care products. My hair feels so healthy. Today while out shopping I had someone tell me how much they liked my hair. She thought it was the color. However, I haven’t had it colored in quite A long time. What she saw was the healthy hair T180 has given me. Nice shine and body. For a woman my age that’s a big deal. Love your products!

I recently had the opportunity to try some of the hair products by T180 professional. All I can say is “WoW” and thank you. Having straight hair with no body, makes it a challenge to find products that work for me. After using T180 Professional shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, I was amazed at the bounce and fullness my hair has. My hair actually felt healthy for the first time in a very long time. It’s a bonus that T180 products are all natural and vegan based. I will definitely use these products again."
Nancy F.
Eustis, FL