Our Team

John Parrott | Founder
Believing early on, that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. That confidence and determination were instilled in him by his Mother. His work as the Director of Strategic Promotions for a large promotions company allowed his creative side to flourish, developing successful promotional campaigns for some of the largest big-box retailers in the marketplace. After ten years in that position, John decided he needed a change. He went to work for an international media placement company representing print, tv, radio, outdoor, and digital media for high-profile clients from around the world. He was most proud of the work he did with his fashion and cosmetic clients, and the relationships he developed. To further explore his creative abilities, he started a marketing & promotions company that would challenge him like never before. With his new company in place, he was passionate about making a difference in the world. With that same passion and determination, John turned to his friends in the Health and Beauty Industry. He spent the next four years with his team, including several key people from around the globe, developing and perfecting what is now known as T180 Professional®. With that in place, JRP Global Health & Beauty™ was born, and the journey began!

Scott Parrott | Financial Consultant

Scott holds a degree in Mathematics, with minors in Economics and Physics. His work history is diverse with experiences with two start-up opportunities, as well as 15 years as the Director of Food & Beverage for the largest movie exhibition chain in the world. His primary responsibility in the latter role focused on developing new platforms and implementing programs that drove incremental sales results without impacting traditional spends. Scott offers a wealth of experience in project management on a large scale. He has also worked as a corporate Trainer and Recruiter, with short assignments in the Procurement and Design/Construction disciplines.

Fernando Cruz | Operations Consultant

Fernando graduated as a master civil engineer in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. He went on to be a professor of mechanical technology at the Federal Technical School. In the private sector, he held titles including pipe designer, engineering superintendent, and general manager of special projects in the paper and pulp industry. Fernando immigrated to the United States in 1991 and was responsible for the development and management of a tour operator company and the Brazilian restaurant in Orlando called Donna Donni. Licensed as a Real Estate agent in 1997 by Florida State and in 2001 by Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, he worked for Westgate Resorts and as a Realtor for several Real Estate brokerage offices. He has more than 20 years’ work experience in sales and marketing, including international advertising sales, but his greatest skill set is in operations and logistics, and project management. Controlling project costs, supplying the chain of raw materials, packaging and arranging qualified suppliers to help implement and build successful product lines. Its support and definition of requirements for website creation, e-commerce, and digital promotions have made him the right person to develop customized platforms related to the health & beauty field that will be developed by our company.

Andreas J. Seferlis | Promotions & Business Development

Andreas has worked in marketing and business development for over 20 years. He believes exceeding client expectations and understands attention to detail will make a good relationship, even better. One that will last forever. Andreas is responsible for the development and implementation of brand-specific strategic partnerships. He is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, where he received his B.S. in Communications. When not at work, he can be found spending time with his family or enjoying one of his many hobbies, which include music, golf, camping, fishing, and going to the beach. Andreas is an avid sports enthusiast.

Maria L. Orbinati | Sr. Brand Educator

Maria has been in the cosmetology industry for 27 years. She is a New York State Licensed cosmetologist specializing in hair color and cutting techniques for women, men, and children. Maria specializes in makeup applications and airbrush makeup. In the last ten years, Maria has also become trained and certified in Xtreme lash, Mirabella Makeup, Dinair Airbrush application, TEMPTU airbrush application as well as false lash applications. Most recently, Maria was instrumental in helping plan and implement the T180 PROFESSIONAL® Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Continuing education is something Maria attends monthly to improve her knowledge and techniques to her craft. She has a passion for the beauty industry and enjoys sharing her knowledge and skill with others.

Corey Lynn | Brand Educator

Corey learned early on what she wanted to do. While attending Lake Brantley High School located in Florida, she started taking cosmetology classes through her junior and senior years. After which she enrolled in the Salon Professional Academy. Corey worked at Salon Panache in Altamonte Springs, Florida for six years as a commission-based hairdresser. For the next five years she ran her own business, in Maitland, Florida. Today, her business is thriving in Winter Garden, Florida where she is located closer to her family. She is an amazing stylist and a joy to work with. Corey is trained and certified as a L’Oréal Professional Expert, Socap Fusion Hair Extensions. She’s been working with the T180® Professional Product Line for over 5 years and continues to be an inspiration.

Carlos  Lima | Brand Educator

Carlos Antônio Nascimento de Lima, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with over 25 years’ experience in the beauty & cosmetology sector, is licensed in the United States by the Cosmetology License – Board of Cosmetology – Florida, and is a member of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA). He is both charming and extremely talented.
Over the years Carlos was educated in multiple areas for the beauty industry including the Academia Werner Coiffeur in Rio de Janeiro, REDKEN 5 th Avenue New York, Pivot Point, Education by Design Chicago Beauty School, Llongueras Spain, and SACO Hair England. Carlos, worked as an Educational Director, responsible for constructing and implementing a new education system for hairdressing courses at Academia Senac SC, in Florianópolis – SC – Brazil. Currently, Carlos is the owner of his own salon, The Hair Place, located in Orlando, Florida. We are honored and excited to be working with Carlos, a true professional.

Tracy Renea | Brand Educator
Tracy is a passionate, approachable team leader, a natural problem solver accommodating clients utilizing graceful social intelligence. She is harmonious, friendly, and organized with outstanding strengths in time management, visual presentation, and team building. A licensed cosmetologist, since 1990, Tracy understands the health & beauty business and enjoys what it has to offer. Besides her years working as a stylist, Tracy being true to herself and the motivator that she is, was a Beauty Advisor for Clinique Cosmetics and an Estee Lauder Counter Manager where she helped clients with their skin care regimen, and other cosmetic choices, including instruction in the cosmetic application process. Tracy’s responsibilities included adhering to OSHA Cosmetic Counter regulations and requirements. Tracy enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, traveling, and finding ways to improve herself and the world around her.
Dee Macheda | Philanthropy
Valeeta “Dee” Macheda loves education, research, and animals – not necessarily in that order. She has always liked learning new things and then passing that knowledge on to others in different ways. She got a BS in Speech & Drama from Syracuse University and an MS in Education from Elmira College. Her love for animals came at an early age as she was always rescuing sick or injured birds, and her very first petition drive was about abolishing seal hunts back in the 70s. Her research into the treatment of animals as food made her give up meat in the 70s, poultry in the 80s and seafood in the 90s. Due to animals being used as test animals for all sorts of products, she is adamant about only supporting companies that do not test on animals or genetically modify their food. Purity in products and how we treat animals reflects on us individually and as a society.

Jennifer Kenyon | Cause-Related Marketing

Jennifer is a self-motivated professional with a passion to help people reach their full potential. Able to meet expectations with superior communication skills and a strong attention to detail, Jennifer has a background in operations, customer service, and sales & marketing. She will concentrate on developing relationships with non-profits and special projects helping us expand our Cause Related Marketing Programs. Currently, JRP Global Health & Beauty works with on multiple programs that help to “give-back” to the community and with Jennifer on board we are extremely hopeful to continue this trend in the future helping to make a real difference in people’s lives. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Texas A & M University. With her love of pets, adventure, and travel, she is sure to be an amazing addition to the team.

Francesca Ramirez | Marketing Consultant

Francesca is a compassionate individual driven to inspire others. With a deep love for all creative endeavors, particularly writing and design, she is passionate about bringing ideas to life. Currently, she is a successful Art Teacher where she’s created individualized education programs for 50 students with learning differences such as ADHD, ADD, Autism, Aspergers, and Emotional Processing Disorders, and responsible for organizing end of year art shows displaying all art students’ portfolios for students and families. Francesca’s skill set also includes social media management where she developed a wide variety of programs & materials, monitored analytics, and worked in public relations. Francesca studied communications at James Madison University and at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She is truly an amazing individual with so much to offer the world and we are honored to have her on the team. 

Shelomel Cassamis | Creative Contributor

Shelomel is a self-taught artist who is always eager to learn and experience new things. She is passionate about capturing special moments and sharing that adventure with others through visual story telling. Within minutes of meeting Shelomel, her smile and passion for life becomes infectious.  With experience with photography, videography, content creation, and photo and video editing, Shelomel is sure to bring a new twist of brilliance to future projects and special programs. Shelo (as she is known to many) loves the beauty & fashion industries and will be a welcome additional to the team.

Juliana Davidson | Creative Contributor

From the beginning, Jules, as she is known to her friends and colleagues, has always been an artist. She is working her way through every medium possible. With a degree in Commercial Art, she worked for a large publishing company while directing art festivals and gallery events, selling her artwork, and creating marketing pieces for every level of business from local to international branding. Art is her passion on every level and is something that she is eternally grateful to continue to grow with daily. Juliana Davidson, LLC, specializes graphic design, murals, scenic painting, fine art painting, drawing, mixed media, and intermediate photography.

Logan Pistello | Creative Contributor
Logan Pistello has a passion for film & television and has always dreamed of becoming a Director. He started his career in video production, creating creative commercials for clients.  After five years in the commercial world, he decided to take the leap and start working on feature films.  He landed in the grip department and has excelled quickly through the ranks.  When he is not on a demanding feature film schedule, he still creates media for small businesses and causes he’s passionate about it. He loves collaborating with others creatively and making the most of every moment with his two boys and wife.